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About Calls-M-All™

Imagine, if you will, a simple yet reliable wildlife game call that literally replaces over a dozen individual calls—a call that’s so easy to use and so effective on wildlife, the only regret you will likely ever have is that you haven’t started using it earlier!

12391042 787175264741998 7612181599663378061 nHello, my name is Bruce Hancock, owner of the CALLS-M-ALL™ game call. If your serious about game calling, then you will want to own the original Four-Time Award Winning CALLS-M-ALL™ game call. This sturdy, effective calling tool is easy to use and is already being widely used all over the U.S. and Canada. Its development was inspired by our passion for game calling, and the lack of a versatile call in the market.

The CALLS-M-ALL™ is an advanced, NEW GENERATION approach to game calling. It puts all of your calls in your hand all the time with one call. The patented design was developed to work…period!  It virtually replaces over a dozen individual calls with one device. It reduces the bulk of all those individual calls! The carefully thought out design produces unsurpassed tonal quality across a wide variety of sound spectrums. Whether you are producing cow elk calls to lure in a bull elk, locating a roosting tom turkey with a peacock call, talking in a buck deer with deer grunt & bleat calls, drawing in a coyote with distressed rodent calls,  or bringing in cougar and bear with dying deer call, CALLS-M-ALL™ performs flawlessly!  There’s no more indecision or confusion about which call to carry, because the CALLS-M-ALL™ will take advantage of all those game calling situations you may encounter.

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The CALLS-M-ALL™ is the most versatile wildlife game call in the world. Our patent search stretches back over 100 years to support this claim.  You get one call that reproduces the elk chirp, meow, and estrous calls; an all species deer call that reproduces deer bleats, tending grunts, deer-in-distress, deer snort, and deer holding calls; a short and long range predator call, and coyote howler; a wild turkey call that reproduces quality yelps, clucks, cackles, purrs, putts, kee-kee-run, and shock calls such as crow and peacock; a pronghorn antelope snort, wheeze, chuckle, and hum call; a widgeon and pintail duck call; a valley, and bobwhite quail call; a chukar call; a raccoon feeding frenzy call; a squirrel call; and many other calls. CALLS-M-ALL™ carries a Lifetime Warranty!

Why settle for less when you can have them All-in-One CALLS-M-ALL™!

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