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gamecall lgThe Calls-M-All™ game call is the most versatile and realistic bite and blow game call in the world. This 4-Time Award Winner in game calling events has truly proven itself in the field as an effective all species, all sounds, elk call, deer call, antelope call, predator call, coyote howler locator call, wild turkey call, including locator calls as the peacock and crow call, pintail, widgeon duck call, quail locator, chuckar locator, squirrel call, raccoon call, large predator, and more!


Replacement Bands

IMG 71061Spare O-ring and replacement bands for the original Calls-M-All™ game call.


Instructional DVD

Calls M All DVDBy Ed Parodi & Bruce Hancock - This DVD is intended to be a complete instructional DVD, with actual field footage of the Calls-M-All™ game call performing in the field. For the hunter, photographer, nature lover or wildlife biologist, this is the one tool that should be carried to increase your success and work in the field. So sit back, enjoy and learn how to use the most versatile game call in the world.


Audio CD

Calls M All CDThis instructional audio CD will introduce you to the award winning Calls-M- All™ game call, and provide you with audio instructions for species to include elk, deer, turkey, predator, and pronghorn antelope.


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