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Product Testimonials

What Others Say About Calls-M-All™

- The Four-Time Came Calling Contest Winner -

"One call for elk, 3 species of deer, bear, cougar, all predators, pronghorn antelope, and wild turkey. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is true and they have the testimonials to back up their claim. The CALLS-M-ALL™ will eliminate the hassle of a pocket full of calls when you're in an area to encounter multiple calling situations". Dennis Carpenter, Managing Editor, The Quiver, Washington State Archery Association.

"The CALLS-M-ALL™ is the most versatile call I've used". Mike Eastman, Publisher, The Eastmans' Journal.

"I know of no one in America that has ever taken 1st place in every calling contest event except Bruce Hancock in Walla Walla, Washington. What makes this story unusual is the fact that he used only one call for all contests. He won the elk calling, the deer calling, the predator calling, and the turkey calling with the CALLS-M-ALL™ Game Call". Bob Clark, Outdoor Writer, Pennsylvania Deer Association, Big Game Issue.

"The CALLS-M-ALL™ has been called America's most versatile wildlife game call, and the four awards it's won are proof. It has been field tested and proven by sportsmen, professional outfitters, wildlife biologists, and outdoor photographers all over the Western U.S.". Bow Masters MagazineWhitetail Journal.

"In 1994 at the KBH Bowhunters Rendezvous, Bruce Hancock, a Walla Walla man walked off with the elk, deer, predator calling trophies, and finished high in turkey calling too. What makes this unusual is Hancock did it with just a single call. The CALLS-M-ALL™ game call. It also works superbly in calling in black bear". Traditional Bowhunter Magazine.


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