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Testimonials - Deer

What Others Say About Calls-M-All™

- The Four-Time Came Calling Contest Winner -

deer1"I had the opportunity to use the CALLS-M-ALL™ on deer, elk, coyotes and antelope in Idaho. In every incidence had I wanted to I could have taken each with a bow. The call is compact, easy to use, and so versatile. At first I was skeptical, but the CALLS-M-ALL™ was flawless. I highly recommend this product"! James C. Shelly, ID, NAHC Field Test.

deer2"I highly recommend this product. I was successful in bringing in deer & coyotes with CALLS-M-ALL™. This is a definite new addition". Gary H., Antelope, CA, NAHC Field Test.

"While using your CALLS-M-ALL™ as my deer bleat & grunt call, I called and harvested a monster typical muley. He ranks #4 in the world. Not to mention the numerous record book antelope we've called in for our clients using your CALLS-M-ALL™ as an antelope call". Todd Wilson, Range Creek Outfitters, Helper.


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